18/09/2022 – Ball Research:

Research on the development of sustainable tourism strategies on the beach of Balos is currently being carried out Renewable & Sustainable Energy Lab (Technical University of Crete) in collaboration with the Municipality of Kissamos.
It is aimed at the visitor's experience in the Balos area and is implemented on the company's ships that run a route to Balos Cretan Daily Cruises – Balos Lagoon & Gramvousa Island and at the exit from Balos and in the canteen of Balos.
The results of the research will be combined with the assessment of the natural carrying capacity, the analysis of the natural environment based on field measurements of Prof. Nikos Nicolaides' laboratory and the multi-criteria analysis of the local government and investors.
Georgia Skiniti Nikos Skarakis Stavroula Tournaki

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