WP3 - Tools & Models of Sustainable Tourism Management, Work Package Manager: D6
  • Study of the current situation in the 2 coastal areas of Paphos Province and P.E. Chania (SWOT ANALYSIS),
  • Responsible: KD, with the assistance of Δ2, Δ3, Δ4, & Δ6.
  • Development of a model model and indicators for measuring the tourist capacity in sensitive coastal areas, based on the model of bearing capacity, Responsible: D6, with the assistance of D5.
  • Preparation of Local Plans for Sustainable Tourism Development in 2 coastal areas, which include sensitive sub-areas Natura 2000 (Balos Lagoon in Crete & Akama Peninsula in Cyprus), using the above model of sustainable measurement of tourism capacity, of the methodology and the elaboration of the Plan in Paphos, with the assistance of D2 & D4. Responsible D6, with the assistance of KD & D3 for the elaboration of the Plan in Chania.
  • Design of alternative tourist packages, based on the above Local Management Plans for Sustainable Tourism Development. which will include a set of tourist routes around the aforementioned coastal areas
  • Natura 2000, with the ultimate goal of decongesting them and connecting them inland. Responsible D5, with the assistance of KD & D2.
WP4 - Networking, Work Package Manager: KD
  • 6 Thematic Networking Workshops, in order to exchange and disseminate experiences and know-how, All partners will organize a workshop, with the participation of experts from all partners. At the end of each workshop, an e-booklet will be published with the main conclusions of the workshop in the form of directions.
  • 2 Observatories / Information Centers (1 in each Natura 2000 area), which will have the appropriate office & PC equipment, and will be housed in a space provided by the 2 Local Authorities, in order to monitor sustainable indicators tourist capacity of each area, and the provision of information. Responsible D6 & D3 for Chania, and D5 & D4 for Paphos.
  • 1 e-networking / promotion platform for the purpose of information - networking and
WP5 - Capitalization, Work Package Manager: KD
  • Capitalization Plan, in order to investigate the transferability and viability of the project results after its completion. Head of KD, with the assistance of all partners.
  • 1 Capitalization workshop, which will be organized by KD, with the participation of all project partners, but also other stakeholders, to discuss the Capitalization Plan and to sign a relevant Capitalization Agreement of the project results.
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