Description of operation

The establishment of a Network for the Promotion of Sustainable Forms of Coastal Tourism, which will introduce for the first time in the common cross-border area innovative policies of sustainable tourism management of coastal areas. These policies will be designed with the active participation of stakeholders, through the establishment and operation of model Communities for the Protection and Promotion of Coastal Ecosystems, but also with the support of state-of-the-art models for measuring bearing capacity.

Individual objectives of the Act
  • The promotion of the networking between the bodies involved in tourism and the environment of P.E. Chania and Paphos Province,
  • The protection and promotion of the natural wealth and biodiversity of sensitive coastal areas Natura 2000 of the Regional Unit of Chania and the Province of Paphos,
  • The emergence of new alternative tourist destinations around the aforementioned Natura 2000 coastal areas,
  • The use of ICT applications to promote networking between stakeholders and the promotion of new "green" tourism packages / destinations.
  • The promotion of environmentally friendly tourism and business activities.
  • The extension of the tourist season,
  • Raising the awareness of residents and visitors and strengthening the management capacity of local communities in matters of protection and promotion of natural resources.
Main outputs of the project
  • Development of a model and indicators for measuring tourism capacity in sensitive coastal areas, based on the model of bearing capacity, Preparation of Local Management Plans for Sustainable Tourism Development in the 2 aforementioned areas
  • Design of sustainable tourist routes / packages
  • Establishment of 2 Observatories / Information Centers in order to monitor the sustainable tourism capacity indicators of the 2 areas and to provide relevant information
  • Construction of 1 e-networking / promotion platform for the purpose of information on sustainable forms of tourism - networking between stakeholders, but also the promotion of tourist packages / routes
  • Organization of 2 major events promoting the new alternative tourist destinations in Crete and Cyprus
Main beneficiaries of the project
  • The competent Local & Regional public Authorities and Bodies for the Management of Protected Areas
  • The relevant departments of the Universities
  • Chambers and other socio-economic bodies of the above areas, and d) Civil society bodies.
Expected results from the implementation of this operation
  • Empowerment of local and regional public authorities and organizations responsible for tourism and the environment in matters of preservation and promotion of the natural wealth of their areas of responsibility.
  • Improving the degree of knowledge and use of modern models of bearing capacity and sustainable management of the tourist product.
  • Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable Natura 2000 coastal areas to the environmental pressures of mass coastal tourism development,
  • Extension of the tourist season, through the enrichment of the provided tourist product with actions and services that are not exclusively related to the 3S (Sea-Sun - Sand).
  • Improving the attractiveness of coastal areas of particular natural interest. • Promoting the use of ICT through the development of the e-networking / promotion platform.
  • Increasing the level of cross-border cooperation and networking in matters of sustainable tourism management and promotion of Coastal Areas.
  • Protection and promotion of the natural wealth and biodiversity of the Natura 2000 coastal areas.
  • Increasing the efficiency and sustainability of local tourism resources.
  • Enhancing the awareness of residents and visitors on issues of protection and promotion
Title of Deed: Development of a Cross-Border Network for the Promotion of Sustainable Coastal Tourism
Period: 2014 - 2020
Web page:
Inception: 7/7/2021
Expiry: 30/6/2023
Status of Operation: Ongoing
Total Budget (EUR): 1.273.000,00
Community Assistance (ERDF) (EUR) 1.082.050,00
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