Following the recent successful approval of a European program after evaluation, with the Paphos EBE as one of the key partners, the Chamber participated in the two-day inaugural meeting of the INTERREG-CROSS COASTAL NET project: ”Adevelopment of a Cross-border Network for the Promotion of Sustainable Coastal Tourism. ”The meeting of the project was attended by a delegation of EBEP consisting of the Secretary / Director Mr. Stylianos Marinos and the Head of European Programs Officer of the Chamber Mr. Stefanos Chatziioannou.

Tourism is the most important economic activity in the joint cross-border area of Greece - Cyprus and therefore has a very significant positive impact on the local economies of the Prefecture of Chania and the Province of Paphos, especially in sensitive areas with special characteristics, such as the Akamas Peninsula. and the Balos lagoon. The main objective of the proposed project is the establishment of a Network for the Promotion of Sustainable Forms of Coastal Tourism, which will introduce for the first time in the common cross-border area innovative policies for sustainable tourism management of coastal areas.

In the INTERREG Greece-Cyprus program, the Paphos EBE, the Cyprus Technological University and the Ineia Community Council participate from the Cyprus side, while the Chania EBE, the Municipality of Kissamos and the Technical University of Crete participate from the Greek side. The Project Partners had the opportunity to present the structure and the way of operation of their organization as well as with detailed presentations to determine the various actions of the project that must be carried out, taking into account the analyzes of the deliverables of all Partners. At the same time, constructive visits were made to the Chamber of Chania, to the Municipality of Kissamos and the participants had the opportunity to live an unprecedented experience in the pristine paradise of the Balos Lagoon with an on-site visit to the wider area.

The main conclusions of the project have been drawn from the meeting, the next actions have been launched by all the Partners and the next meeting to be held in Cyprus has been determined.

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